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Astera Linear LEDs

With the HydroFlex Underwater Housing for the Astera Titan & Helios Tubes you can now take your RGB light painting into the depths with or without cables!  


The Astera Titan and Helios lamps can be cabled to the surface with our custom molded underwater cables which provide continuous 24VDC power and DMX control through the Astera Power Box.  DMX control can be achieved through standard console dimmer boards or through a simple, portable 12 channel dimmer that HydroFlex rents as an option.


The Astera Titan and Helios lamps can also be self-contained in a wireless housing to take full advantage of the versatile battery operated format.  They can be controlled wirelessly through the housing when out of the water or within one foot of the surface of the water.  The WiFi signal won’t penetrate the water deeper than that, so, if changes to the settings are necessary without taking the lamp out of the water, the Astera ARC1 hand-held, infrared remote controller can be put in a ziploc bag and taken underwater to make the changes.

Linear LEDs in use

Note: HydroFlex does not stock the Astera lamps, we rent the housings without them.


Dims: 45” x 2”  (114.3cm x 5.08cm)

Depth Rating:  100’  (30.48m)

Astera LED
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Astera LED Specs
Astera LED Specs
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