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The Perfect Storm, 2000

HydroFlex makes splashbags to accommodate a wide variety of professional film and

digital video cameras. 


More than a rain cover, a splash bag is a sealed unit with a custom dry-suit type zipper that allows easy access to a camera while ensuring full protection from rain or other wet conditions.  It can be used hand-held or mounted on a tripod or crane.  

PLEASE NOTE: Splash bags are not submersible and

should be used for surface use only. 

For camera protection while filming underwater, see Camera Housings.

We are often asked "Can we put the splashbag underwater a little bit?"  The short answer is "no." For a longer answer, click here.


Splashbags are available in two basic styles:


Studio Splashbag


Hand Held Splasbag

Two different length “Studio Style” splashbags available;

“Studio” for primes & short zooms
“Universal Zoom” for longer zoom lenses

Two different “Hand Held” splashbags are available;

"Mini HH" specific to the ARRI Mini 

The "Uni HH” that will fit a wider variety of cameras

The Splashbags leave plenty of room inside for lens control systems, on board batteries and video transmitters.  Battery, media and most lens changes can be made easily without removing the camera from the bag.

 A splash bag combined with our HydroHead remote pan & tilt head, allows smooth seamless remote camera use in rain, a dump tank, a boat, or any other wet location. 

Spray Deflector Kit Layout.jpg

All of our splash bags have integral spray deflecting air knives built into the matte box to prevent water drops from collecting in front of the lens.  An internal defogging system keeps condensation from forming on the glass.  


NOTE: the Spray Deflector support equipment is an optional, separate rental item.


Monitor Rain Cover.jpg

On board monitors can be protected with two sizes of Monitor Rain Covers to accommodate up to 7” monitors.

This equipment is not available for purchase.  HydroFlex rents the gear directly from our facility in Los Angeles and from a worldwide network of rental houses. Click here for listing.

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