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HydroFlo® Fluorescent Lighting Systems

HydroFlo® Fluorescent Lighting Systems

Utilizing industry-standard Kino Flo flicker-free ballasts, HydroFlex offers 6 ft, 2 ft, and 15” underwater fluorescent fixtures for any wet or underwater application to a depth of 100 ft.   They may be used individually, handheld, or hard mounted with our simple-to-attach weight cuffs. The lamps can also be grouped in banks of four or eight on flat panels to provide a soft key or fill source. 


All HydroFlo fluorescent fixtures are supplied with underwater mate-able connectors that allow them to be mounted in underwater sets, after which cables can be submerged and connected.

Weight out of water:

Single HydroFlo fixtures are 3 lbs ea.

Panel with weights & four HydroFlo fixtures weighs 29 lbs.

Removable weights (2 required to sink panel) are 4 lbs ea.


Weight in water:

Full panel weighs about 2-3 lbs.

Single HydroFlo fixtures will float without a 2 lb weight added to it.

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