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HydroPar® 1200w M1 HMI

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HydroPar® 1200w M1 HMI

HydroPar® 1200w M1 HMI lighting systems are state-of-the-art underwater lights specifically designed for feature and commercial film production. Modular components, underwater mate-able connectors incorporating the “mate first/break last” grounding circuit and integrated ground fault sensors (GFCI’s) which prevent electrical accidents, make these lighting systems safe, flexible and easy to set up.

Compact and lightweight, the 1200w can be tailored to a variety of shooting situations. HydroPar 1200w HMIs mate to a 5/8” spud for compatibility with standard grip and lighting equipment. The globe is an industry standard 1200w SE making replacement easy anywhere in the world.

The HydroPar 1200w M1 HMI light is for underwater use only. It is available with interchangeable reflectors for spot, medium and flood configurations. Because the bulb is enclosed in a tight fitting glass envelope, the beam pattern is adjusted by using the interchangeable reflectors to collimate the light. We use reflectors, not par diffuser lenses, to adjust the beam in this light. When a par diffuser lens is placed underwater so that both surfaces (especially the inner shaped surface) have water contact, the ability of the diffuser to spread light is significantly reduced.

All reflectors are designed to accept a variety of accessories including gels, scrims and barn doors.

The HydroPar 1200W M1 conforms to UL 1573 and CE Standards and is certified to CAN/CSA Standard C22.2 NO. 166.

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HydroPar® 1200w M1 HMI
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HydroPar® 1200w M1 HMI Specs
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