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HydroPar® 2000w SE Incandescent

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HydroPar® 2000w SE Incandescent

Submersible HydroPar® underwater lighting systems set new standards for feature and commercial film production. Modular components, underwater mate-able connectors and integrated ground fault sensors (GFCI’s) which prevent electrical accidents, make these lighting systems safe, flexible and easy to set up. Each lamp is compact and lightweight and can be configured to various shooting situations. Barn doors and specially designed snoots are readily used by removing the lamp head retainer ring and inserting the accessory. Filters, gels and scrims may also be used. HydroPars mate to a 5/8″ spud for compatibility with standard grip and lighting equipment.

Designed in response to the increasing demands of the industry, the HydroPar 2K incandescent offers a safe and more powerful tungsten lamp. Changing fresnels to adjust the light’s beam pattern is quick and easy. The 2K features HydroFlex’s custom underwater mate-able connectors incorporating the “Mate First/Break Last” grounding circuit. Powered by AC or DC, the HydroPar 2K is supplied with a GFCI when using AC current or the appropriate adapter for DC current.

The HydroPar 2K is for underwater use only.

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HydroPar® 2000w SE Incandescent Specs
HydroPar® 2000w SE Incandescent Specs
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