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Mini Vistacam Deep Water

Mini Vistacam Deep Water

The HydroFlex Mini Vistacam Deep Water Housing consists of an aluminum housing designed around the Mini Vistacam using standard Arri 400 ft. magazines. A full hemisphere dome port and a flat port both accept a variety of Nikon and Leica lenses. Features include reflex viewing, video viewing, remote video to the surface, remote run and manual iris and focus controls. Top, bottom and side 3/8 ­ 16 and 1/4 ­ 20 holes enable this housing to be mounted in a variety of ways.

Mini Vistacam Deep Water Specs

Weighing 110 lbs. dry and negative 3 lbs. in water, the unit is depth rated to 100 ft.

VistaVision Reversed
VistaVision in Use
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