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Quasar Linear LEDs

The Quasar Crossfade lamps are cabled to the surface to supply 110VAC power and can be dimmed with console dimmer boards, hand squeeze dimmers or variacs.  


Note: HydroFlex does not stock the Quasar lamps, we rent the housings without them.

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Quasar Linear LEDs

Quasar Science Q25 Crossfade Overview

The Q-25 Crossfade Linear LED Bi-Color Light from Quasar Science is a 25W linear LED tube with an expanded bi-color range of 2000-6000K. The lamps can be stacked in large, custom-configured arrays, and may also be used to retrofit existing Kino Flo light units.


No need for external power supplies or ballasts


Compatible with most dimming systems, flicker-free through entire dimming range

Quasar Linear LEDs
Quasar Linear LEDs
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