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SeaSun Litepanels® 1×1

SeaSun Litepanels® 1×1

HydroFlex has housed the original Litepanels 1×1 LED panel to create the SeaSun – Litepanels 1×1, a small, flat underwater light with a beautiful soft output. Measuring only 3” x 13” x 13” (without the mounting yoke) and weighing only 1 lb. in the water it is easily hand-held or tucked into a tight spot in a cramped underwater set such as a sinking car. It can be dimmed from 100% to off and the beam pattern can be shifted from spot to wide underwater with knobs on the back of the housing. The daylight output of the LEDs can be easily gelled underwater with pre-cut laminated sheets in a variety of color temperatures. The cool running temperature of the LEDs allows the SeaSun – Litepanels 1×1 to burn in or out of the water.

SeaSun Litepanels® 1×1 With
SeaSun Litepanels® 1×1 Without

Battery powered version of Litepanel is not available.



Diver Color Corrected
SeaSun Litepanels® 1×1 in Use
Miami Trauma 3
LitePanel 1x1 Beauty
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