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SeaSun S30 SkyPanel

SeaSun S30 SkyPanel

The ARRI SkyPanel is one the most versatile LED soft lights on the market, as well as one of the brightest. Now HydroFlex’s SeaSun® S-30 SkyPanel enclosure brings ARRI’s popular SkyPanel S30-C to the underwater world.

Utilizing a single cable from the surface, the lights are fully adjustable; Color temperature 2,800K through 10,000K, with excellent color rendition over the entire range and also gel color settings based on the Rosco and Lee color pallets. In addition to CCT control, full plus and minus green correction, vivid RGB color selection, saturation adjustment and preprogrammed effects such as fire flicker or welding are also possible via DMX from the surface.
To further control the light output, slotted tracks on the front of the enclosure allow for using the SkyPanel Diffusion Filters and Egg-crates.

The SeaSun SkyPanel 30 can be mounted on spud plates or on light stands with a Junior pin receptacle. The yoke can be removed for easy hand holding / swimming, to follow the action, with two handles on the back.

      Weight out of water: 75 lbs.   Weight in water without yoke: 1.5 lbs.
DEPTH LIMIT: 16 ft. / 5m

Sea Sun Skypanel Back.jpg
SeaSun S30 SkyPanel Specs
Sea Sun Skypanel 3 Qtr.jpg
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