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Studio Splashbag

Studio Splashbag

Two different length “Studio Style” splashbags available;

“Studio” for primes & short zooms
“Universal Zoom” for longer zoom lenses

Studio Splashbag Specs
Studio Int W Cam Front

Camera mounting in splashbag and lens length adjustment:

Studio Sliding
Studio Bottom

RBQ plate on Studio bag

In the studio style bag, the camera mounts on a standard ARRI style bridge plate and slides fore and aft on a sliding dovetail plate to accommodate different length lenses.

Studio Int No Cam


  • Camera installs easily with a standard ARRI style Sliding Dovetail Plate and Bridge Plate.


  • Roomy interior for camera builds with extra accessories.


  • Quick camera in/out for changing set ups.


  • An RBQ plate can be mounted in more places on the bottom for balancing the camera on a head.




  • Larger than necessary for smaller cameras.


  • Heavier and larger than the Hand Held bag.


  • Viewfinder is a bit higher than usual for shoulder work.



  • Optional Spray Detector System clears drops from front glass and can bring air into the bag to prevent condensation.


  • Cable sleeve allows for video/power/ethernet cable to run into bag.


  • Pocket in top of the bags allow for carrying the camera by its top handle.


  • Both can have RBQ plates or other mounting accessories mounted on the bottom into standard 3/8-16 threaded holes.


  • Both can mount filters inside - Studio takes 6x6, Hand Held takes 4x5

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