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Underwater Video Monitors

Underwater Video Monitors

Small HD 503 Monitor Housing

Small HD describes their 503 Ultrabright 5” Monitor as a “monitor built for every environment.” HydroFlex has made that even more true by housing it in a sleek, reliable underwater housing.  

Featuring 2200 nits of brightness, it’s one of the brightest on-board monitors available, GREAT for surface level shots with full sunlight beaming from behind the operator’s head. This five-inch monitor has a resolution of 1800p and features a 10-Bit ColorEngine. Despite being one of the brightest five-inch monitors available, the 503 maintains low power consumption which is a plus when relying on battery power in the water. 


Based on the most common shooting needs, HydroFlex preloads the user buttons to access:

  • Power on/off 

  • False Color Focus Assist

  • Backlight

  • Crosshairs


The HydroFlex Underwater 503 Monitor is an optional upgrade from our standard 4.3” monitor which is included with the Basic RemoteAquaCam rental package.

Small HD 503
RAC MK5S with 503 Monitor Housing
RAC MK5S with 503 Monitor Housing
NAVY SEAL 503 Featured.jpg

HydroFlex 4.3” HD

Underwater Monitor

The HydroFlex 4.3” HD Underwater Monitor presents a bright, clear HD image for the operator.  The aluminum housing with built-in sun shade can be mounted from top or bottom on UltraLight ball arm mounts.  The touch of a button toggles false colors and/or center marks (cross hairs) on or off.

HydroFlex 4.3” HD Underwater Monitor Specs
HydroFlex 4.3” HD Underwater Monitor
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